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 the Scamming Problem

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PostSubject: the Scamming Problem   Thu Sep 10, 2009 2:41 pm


Bevore we started the official server with DreamCatcher as hoster, we tryed to host it on 1 root server but this was a fake, the idiot owner "hacked" his own root, so everything was in trouble, later i realised that he did all that shit.

So the problem now is that the idiot got the database with all IDs and PWs from the small time server was on this root!

Everybody who got scammed now is one of the players, which registred there 1 account with same id and pw like now....

What we ll do?:

so yes there re over 50 accounts maybe scammed... we got a lot of critiqe from scammed players and a secure password change ll not be able, cause there is no way to proof if the changing person is real owner...

We decide to put the server first offline and let the players choose if the want 1 reset or not!!!

To take part in the poll if resett or not follow this Link

Poll ll be closed today in the evening

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the Scamming Problem
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